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Security Advice – Fleurieu Security Systems

  1. Always phone and advise the central station a day or two before you go on holidays, so they can update your a/hrs callout list for that period of time.
  2. Try to have a patrol company or neighbour have a spare set of your house keys, so they can let in emergency persons in case of fire, storm or water damage to your home.
  3. Please advise the central station as soon as possible after the death of a loved one who may be on your callout list, or whose home or business we monitor.
  4. Do not turn off the power to your home when going on holidays, the back up battery in your alarm system will eventually go flat and cause problems.
  5. When you go out, try not to leave a window slightly open for ventilation as some detectors are so sensitive, they will go into constant alarm when there is a slight breeze or when the curtains move.
  6. Remember to turn off all air conditioners when leaving your home or work, as they can cause movement of air, which may be interpreted as an intruder onsite.
  7. Insects and moths can cause false alarms. Remove all spider webs from around the detectors. A Regular spray around the sensor with surface spray can help reduce false alarms.
  8. Visually check to see that your alarm system is armed before leaving. If you have requested the closing service check from the central station, they may phone you later in the evening to advise you that you have forgotten to arm the system. This can be a problem if you have already left for a weekend away.
  9. The more you know about how to operate your alarm system, the better the system and central station can serve your needs. Read the instruction manual, and phone the central station prior to testing or practicing what you have learned. This will save the police attending when you are only showing the family or staff how to use the panic button or other features of your system.

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