Security Products

Fleurieu Security Systems can supply all your security products needs.


Control Panel

A computer board that interprets information sent to it through wiring to the key pad, detection and sound devices. Control panels vary in zone capacity, areas and number of codes they have.

Control panels have the following features:

  • Partial arming for day or night requirements
  • Police Alert
  • Medical Alert
  • Fire Alert
  • Duress code
  • Smoke detection capacity
  • Power and back up battery fail
  • Siren control (audible or silent)
  • Tamper circuit

Panic Buttons

A push down button, usually installed in the master bedroom used as an emergency, in case of home invasion, to alert neighbours and police if the alarm is monitored. Remote ControlKey pads can also be connected to your security system for arming, disarming, partial arming and duress / panic away while from your keypad.


Smoke Detectors

Wired into the alarm panel for 24 hour protection for your family and home, while you’re awake or asleep, with back up battery, in case of power cuts. Security systems these days are user friendly and at Fleurieu Security we will design a system to your specific needs from small to larger installations.


Dual Technology Detectors

A combination of infrared and low frequency microwave, where both technologies have to be triggered to cause an alarm. These are used in unstable areas such as factories and garages.


Passive Infrared Detectors

Detect movement of infrared energy in a room or area, opening a relay sending an alarm condition to the control panel.


Pet Friendly Detectors

Again a combination of infrared and microwave detectors that ignore smaller signals and can distinguish human shape and movement from cats and dogs in the home.


Reed Switches

A magnetic switch composing of two halves, one fixed to frame of the door or window and the other fixed to the opening door or window panel.When the magnetic field is broken an alarm will result. There are many types of reed switches available for homes and commercial sites.

Factories and other commercial buildings often use a combination of surface or concealed reed switches, along with more heavy duty switches for their roller doors and factory doors.


Vibration Detectors

Small devices attached to glass door or window frames that detect shock waves created when glass is attacked.

For double the protection a combination of reed switch and vibration detectors can be fitted to glass doors or windows.


Glass Break Detectors

A microphone that listens for frequencies similar to the sound of breaking glass and are usually mounted on the ceiling close to glass panels.

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